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Alcohol Prohibition And Native Americans

Earlier this month, the New York Times ran an article about Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, detailing how a few liquor stores just outside of the Reservation, across the state border in Whiteclay, Nebraska, profit from rampant alcoholism on Pine Ridge. Alcohol is banned on Pine Ridge, and Whiteclay is the closest location where Reservation … Continue reading

Mexican Opium: The Wordtrack (Disc 2)

This is the second installment of a series about books that I’ve read for this blog that are at least in part about early American drug law. I’ll give a few-line overview of what the book is about, and then three quotes I found pull-worthy (because they explain something about an early law, offer a … Continue reading

Mere Possession

Enough lying. It’s time to admit that Professor Joseph Spillane’s warning to Mexican Opium against touting “Drug Law Exceptionalism” in regards to racism in early drug law has deeply troubled this blog’s identity. No, don’t comfort me  – enough of the charade. I know that the 11 people who visited Mexican Opium the day after … Continue reading