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Section 307

California’s first statewide opium law. Under the code section for  “Crimes Against Religion and Conscience, and Other Offenses Against Good Morals.” Source Advertisements

Alcohol Prohibition And Native Americans

Earlier this month, the New York Times ran an article about Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, detailing how a few liquor stores just outside of the Reservation, across the state border in Whiteclay, Nebraska, profit from rampant alcoholism on Pine Ridge. Alcohol is banned on Pine Ridge, and Whiteclay is the closest location where Reservation … Continue reading

Bryan Stevenson

This is a TED talk that Bryan Stevenson did this month. He is the Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative of Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve seen Stevenson speak live once before, when he was honored by Public Advocates in San Francisco. He is an incredibly moving speaker and a master storyteller. I cannot recommend this talk … Continue reading

State v. Big Sheep: When The Montana Supreme Court Interpreted the Bible for the Native American Church

Peyote is a fascinating study in American drug law for several reasons. For one, unlike many drugs, the plant that peyote is derived from (Lopohora Williamsii) is native to the American landscape. It grows wild in the deserts of the southwestern states and Northeast Mexico. The plant precedes the country, and native usage of the … Continue reading

California Supreme Court Historical Society Student Writing Contest

It has been a long time since I’ve posted. I apologize for that. That being said, I now only post for purposes of self-aggrandizement. Drawing from work I’ve done on this blog, I entered the California Supreme Court Historical Society Student Writing Competition with a paper about an 1885 opium ordinance in Stockton, California. (I know, … Continue reading

Defining Marijuana

Weed. Grass. Ganga. Chronic. Buddha. Tea. Green. Dro. Pot. Kush. Indo. Hash. Mota. Broccoli. Cheeba. Kill. Coffee. Mary Jane. Sensimilla. 420. Purp. Jah. Grapes. Clinton’s Asthma. These are just a few of the many slang terms used for marijuana in America. Some of them are street names for particular strains, others are vernacular terms confined … Continue reading

Mexican Opium: The Wordtrack (Disc 2)

This is the second installment of a series about books that I’ve read for this blog that are at least in part about early American drug law. I’ll give a few-line overview of what the book is about, and then three quotes I found pull-worthy (because they explain something about an early law, offer a … Continue reading

“War on the Underclass”

Chances are decent that if you’re reading this, you’ve seen the HBO program The Wire. I say this because if you find yourself on this blog you are either: (a) Interested in drug policy, which is a central inquiry of The Wire, or (b) A friend or family member of mine, which means that I’ve likely … Continue reading

Mexican Opium: The Wordtrack (Disc 1)

Drugs, as it turns out, are a fantastically interdisciplinary subject matter. While I’m sure there are plenty of medical books exploring exclusively the interactions that Drug X has with, say, the nervous system, books about drugs generally fall into some hybrid category combining any number of the following subjects: Medicine, Law, Sociology, Public Policy, History, … Continue reading

Interview with Reuel Schiller

I had the pleasure of sitting down for a talk with UC Hastings Professor Reuel Schiller in his office last week. Schiller, who teaches legal history at Hastings, has a fantastic knowledge bank for the era when the first drug laws were coming in (i.e. post Civil War, pre-WWII). I thought that was reason enough … Continue reading