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But the replays are my favorite part…

Two days ago, I posted a blog about jurisprudence and early drug law that mentioned the racist origins of west coast opium legislation. To my surprise, I received a comment in response to this post from Joseph Spillane, a history professor at the University of Florida. Spillane wrote an excellent book on the history of … Continue reading

Drugs? Law? How?

You can’t do research on American drug law without being 100-hand-slapped with jurisprudential musings on America’s drug policy. Some of these musings compare America’s drug laws to more liberal European countries, some rail relentlessly on the American prison industrial complex, and others, occasionally, crack deep into the marrow of the drug law debate and simply … Continue reading

Cliff Schaffer

Sometimes, the best legal work you can do involves taking something that someone has already done, and then claiming that the circumstances are tweaking this already-done thing enough to make your situation new and unique when in reality it’s damn near the exactly the same. In that spirit, I would like to point you in … Continue reading